Snow Blower Safety Tips

Snowblower Safety Tips

If a big snowstorm has you dragging out your snow blower, make sure you follow these snow blower safety tips to make sure to keep safe while you use this amazing and fun machine!

  • FIX CLOGS CAREFULLY – If your snow blower becomes clogged, turn it off and remove the key before trying to clear it. Use a stick and NOT your hands to clear it! Also make sure that the snow blower is completely turned off before replacing any parts.
  • VENT PROPERLY– Always start your snow blower in a well-ventilated area to avoid the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • FRESH GAS – If you haven’t used your snow blower in a while, remember that the gasoline still inside it from the last snow blower use is only good for about 30 days, unless you’ve added a fuel stabilizer. 
  • GET IT SERVICED – If your snow blower hasn’t been professional serviced in a while, get it done now. Mechanical updates, like new spark plugs, shear pins or belts, will definitely keep your machine operating normally and help avoid accidents and other snow blower safety concerns.

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  1. Two-stage snow blowers are equipped with “Clean Out” tools to help you remove caked-on snow from the auger and chute.

    If you don’t have one – or like lots of people lose it – you can order a replacement at Snow Blowers

    Much better than a stick.

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