Rot Happens: Prevent it with These Tips

Seeing rot anywhere in your home is one of those moments that creates a  gut wrenching feeling that something you care deeply for is about to disintegrate into ruin – leaving only an unpaid mortgage in it’s wake!   You might not know it, but there are things happening outside of your home that can be contributing to rot on the inside and easy steps you can take to prevent rot from happening.

How does rot happen?  Rot happens when wood gets too wet, so it’s important to keep an eye out for roof leaks and overflowing gutters, especially as we enter into winter temperature cycles when snow falls and ice forms, then melts, and a week later it starts all over again. 

But don’t overlook the possibility of rot in warmer months, either.  Prevent rot in spring and summer too, by keeping those lawn sprinklers pointed away from your home.  Also, keep up with your landscaping.  Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed back away from the house.  Earth-to-wood contact around fencing, decks and porches can invite rot. 

And by the way, let me also take this opportunity to climb on top of my home improvement term soap box and let you all know that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DRY ROT!  Wood has to get wet to rot, and not soaking wet mind you.  Whenever wood moisture levels get above 25%, decay organisms wake up and do Mother Nature’s duty by breaking down and destroying the wood fibers — which is exactly how fallen trees eventually disappear from forests and other places not touched by human intervention!

Dry rot, if it exists at all, is only whats left over when wood gets wet, rots and then drys out.  But wet or dry, being vigilant to prevent rot is key as rot is definitely not something you want to ever see on your house!

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