Replace or refinish bathroom fixtures?


The worn fixtures in my master bath are in need of an update, but I don’t quite have the budget to replace everything at once. Is refinishing a viable option for some of the items?

Basically, you need to go fixture by fixture and look at the costs involved in replacement versus refinishing. A tub or shower can be expensive to replace and also leads to a cascade of other upgrade costs including wallboard, tiling and trim, and flooring adjustments. In that case, having a pro repair chips and cracks and apply a new finish can be a money-saving solution and stave off the need for a big-ticket purchase. Sinks can also be refinished, but the cost of the job is so close to the price of a new unit that you’re better off shopping for a replacement and a nice new faucet to go with it. Old, cracked, leaky toilets aren’t worth the trouble of repair; instead, invest in one of the new WaterSense-labeled high-efficiency toilets, which can dramatically reduce your water bill during many years of service.

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  1. The tile floor in my main bathroom is original and about 60 years old. I have been told it was cemented to the floor and to tear it up would be difficult. The ceramic tile on the walls is still in excellent condition. Can the old floor be painted or can a new tile floor be put on top of it?

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