Removing Egg, Toilet Paper and Spray String: Happy Halloween, Homeowners!

remove egg, toilet paper, spray stringRemoving egg, toilet paper and spray string might sound scary if your home is a target for little devils on Halloween.  Here in the northeast, we have the added pleasure of cleaning up after “Mischief Night” – October 30th, just before Halloween – a night devoted to pranks like toilet-papering trees, egging windows and other kid stuff.  But don’t let tricksters take the treat out of being a homeowner.  Here at Money Pit, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for cleaning up the mess of a good old-fashioned Halloween fest.

1.  Eggs.  With eggs, quick action is key.  Eggs can corrode a painted surface, particularly in warmer temperatures.  Pick the egg shells out of the mess first, and then hose off the remainder.

For egg that’s really stuck, soak a paper towel in a 50/50 solution of warm water and vinegar.  Let the soaked paper towel sit over the egged surface.

2.  Toilet Paper.  TP should be removed before the next rain.  Trust me, it’s a lot easier to deal with toilet paper when it’s still dry!  To remove toilet paper from hard-to-reach places, adhere some duct tape to a broom handle for an instant toilet-paper removing tool.

3. Shaving Cream.  Don’t underestimate the impact of shaving cream – it can leave permanent marks on cars.

4. Spray String.  This stuff comes out of the can soft and pliable, but it hardens and sticks to painted surfaces, including your car.  DO NOT ATTEMPT to pick it off with your fingernail!  Your car paint may come off with the spray string.  Instead, hose off as much as possible.  For stubborn bits, use a cotton swab to lift them off.

With Mischief Night tips like these, you just might be inclined to toilet-paper a tree or two yourself.  Enjoy!

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