Q & A: Converting Garage to Workshop


I’m self-employed and with the economy being tight, I’m spending a lot more time at home and thinking converting my garage to a workshop that I’d use to tackle projects from car repair to woodworking.  In reviewing the floor options, I’m trying to decide between adding a locking floor tile or painting it.  Any suggestions?
Nick E. Bethesda, MD

Garages have become the recreational focal point of the home. They are being transformed into exercise rooms, children’s play areas and attractive workspaces.  There are a number of garage-ready floor tile products out there, designed typically to lock together like puzzle pieces and “float” over the concrete floor.  While these are good looking and functional, they are costly and may not be the easiest of keep clean as their textured surfaces easily hold dirt.

Painting is an easy way out but there may be a third option, which is to apply a 2-part garage floor epoxy.  These colored protective coatings allows homeowners to turn a gray, lifeless, stained or cracked concrete garage floor into an attractive, granite-like surface that brings new life to the garage area.

One of the newest and perhaps easiest to use is the BEHR Premium 2-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Coating.  The product is conveniently packaged in a project kit which includes enough product to cover an area equal to a one car garage floor (approx. 250 sq. ft.), a powdered cleaner/etcher, roller cover, trim brush, paint paddle and optional bag of decorative color flakes.  The coating, which costs about $70 at The Home Depot, requires no priming and, once mixed, is ready for use by simply rolling the coating on right from the built-in paint tray.  It comes in Silver Gray and Tan, and is also available in 36 custom tinted colors.

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