Prevent Frozen Pipes: 5 Easy Tips

Now is a great time to take some simple steps to prevent frozen pipes.  Winterizing your exterior water faucets and water pipes in your home can help prevent major damage should a pipe freeze and break in cold weather. 

To give your home’s energy efficiency a boost and prevent faucets and pipes from freezing, follow this quick checklist:

1.  Caulk around pipes where they enter your home.

2.  Close or cover foundation vents.  Cut blocks from wood or Styrofoam to fit the vent openings, and slide them into the vents.  Don’t forget to open the vents again in spring; this’ll prevent rot.

3.  Drain outside faucets and cap them off.

4.  Drain any in-ground sprinkler systems.  This is best done by a sprinkler company with a high powered air compressor stromng enough to purge all of the water out of the linies.

5.  Insulate interior pipes in unheated areas like basements, garages, attics and crawlspaces.  Use insulating tape or molded pipe sleeve.

Just a few simple steps can keep your home warmer, your energy bills lower and your water flowing like it should all winter long.  Don’t underestimate the value of taking time to prevent frozen pipes.

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