Paint That Doesn’t Stink!

Giving a family room or guest bedroom a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to “re-decorate” in time for the winter holidays.  A brand new color, plus some accessories to contrast or coordinate – a vase, a throw, some wall art – can give a space a completely new look in a snap.

So what’s stopping you?  Well, maybe it’s that paint smell.  After all, cold weather forces many of us to keep our windows closed this time of year.  On one hand, you want to take advantage of the relatively low humidity (I’ll bet you put off a paint job this past summer because the weather was just too sticky…right?). On the other hand, you’ll need to co-exist with this drying paint for a couple of days, and you don’t want to freeze your family out with gaping windows 24/7.

There’s a solution.  Look for low odor or scented paints, now available from several paint manufacturers.  These paints work really well for kids’ rooms, and you won’t have to run for the hills after every coat!  

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