Outdoor Privacy Screening

Outdoor Privacy ScreeningOur outdoor spaces can be our one and only escape at home, but thanks to all of the modern conveniences we enjoy inside our home–air conditioning, generators, even garbage storage–we sometimes find the view outside not to be the most natural. Privacy panels crafted of lattice can provide the perfect screening to hide those unsightly components that make life indoors so comfortable. 

Depending on where your eyesores are located, there will be two different approaches to securing the posts for these structures. If the components are located on concrete you are going to need to secure your 4×4 posts to the concrete using a fastener made to join a wood post to concrete. Simpson Strong Tie has many options, so check with your home center. If your components lie on soil, then dig your post holes about 2 feet deep for proper support of the screening system. Hold the post in the hole and mix concrete directly in the hole. Use your level to make sure that the post is perfectly straight as the concrete is setting. Let all posts set before moving onto the next phase.

Determine the size and layout of your privacy screening. Depending on the location of your components you might be able to just build a front panel to cleverly hide the item. If that doesn’t work for your space, consider a three-sided screening system with one side functioning as a gate for access to the system. Measure for the dimensions of the lattice panel. Remember to not allow the bottom edge of the lattice panel to come in contact with the soil or you will end up with a rotted panel before you know it. Cut your lattice piece to size and cut the wood frame pieces as well. A 45 degree mitered corner is easy to create–just make sure you over cut your framing pieces so the shorter side of the miter creates the dimension of the lattice panel itself. Build three sides of the frame using wood glue and then secure with your Arrow EBN320 Electric Brad Nail Gun. Fire two nails into each side of the two corners for a secure hold. Slide the lattice piece into the frame and attach the fourth remaining side.

Attach the framed lattice to the posts using your screw gun and 3 inch wood screws. Pre-drill a starting hole for the screw so the wood doesn’t split. With this type of framing piece that can very easily happen. Start at a corner and then work on the opposite corner to make sure the panel is straight and level. Be sure to pre-drill each point where you are going to place a screw to avoid splitting. Place a screw every 8 to 12 inches to keep the frame in place through everything Mother Nature can dish out. To finish the look off, you can place a window box style planter on the ground in from the lattice with a beautiful climbing vine to create a perfectly natural screen.

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