No More Drips


Our house was built in 1933. It is a wonderful old house and we are trying to restore it to its original beauty. The house is two stories and has some issues.  One of them has to do with my air conditioning system.  The first floor has central A/C but the top has window units which drip down the side of the house.  I’m looking for ideas about how I can run drain lines to run to the flower beds instead of the water running down the side of the house.

I watch and listen to every home improvement type program that I can and recently discovered your great, wonderful, fantastic show on XM radio. I’m new true believer.
capttrahan 11-1-06 2:53am

Seeing as I can’t resist responding to a good fan email now and again; and even though you sent it in the middle of the night and were probably delirious from lack of sleep, let me tackle this slightly out of season question for you.

While you could cobble together a solution for catching the dripping water (like perhaps using a small funnel attached to the bottom of the A/C unit and a rubber hose) it will most likely be sloppy and somewhat ineffective.

A better solution involves new A/C units with what are known as “sling” fan blades.  Sling blades do exactly that with the condensation.  They sling it on to the evaporator coil where it is blown dry.  Hence, no more dripping! 

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