Need Family Proof Floor


We’re remodeling our family room and my husband is campaigning for hardwood floors.  I’m concerned about wear and tear as this room will receive a lot of traffic.  Will pre-finished floors stand up to the test of time?
Carrob 8:49pm 11-7-06

Just a few years ago, I would have told you to skip pre-finished floors for rooms that get tons of traffic.  However, there have been many changes on the way pre-finished floors are, well, finished.  Nowadays, aluminum oxide, added to the finish at the factory through a multi-step process, makes pre-finished floors an extremely durable option.   If you are wondering why this material has such a magical impact on durability, you might consider the other product it is very commonly used for: sandpaper!

For more details, check out the Complete Guide to Flooring put out by Armstrong.  It is a nicely done and comprehensive guide that covers the stregnths of each type of floor product.

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