Meet Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome


I’m interested in building a super environmentally friendly home.  I’ve seen and read about homes that claim to have energy efficient and earth friendly features, but have not seen one total example of a home that delivers both.  Are you aware of any such homes?
Todd 04-02-08 10:00 a.m

Absolutely.  Green building is all about being earth-friendly, but the strength to safely withstand whatever Mother Nature can dish out is a smart expansion on the theme in Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome. Contractor Mark Baker and his wife, Nonnie Chrystal, vice president of Mark Baker LLC, were inspired to create this innovative house for Mark’s mother Betty Baker-Farley after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne left her seaside home ravaged by wind, water and mold damage in 2004. They decided they could rebuild the home to be better, stronger, smarter, safer and greener, and that’s exactly what they’ve been up to since construction began last year.

Now nearing completion, the 3,500-square-foot Envirohome’s stated goal is to resist hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, mold and termites while being ecologically friendly. Mark and Nonnie are also going for a result that’s near-zero-energy and near-zero-runoff, with lowered costs benefitting the resident as well as the environment.

“We want to demonstrate that safe, efficient homes can be affordable and rewardable,” says Nonnie.

For a look at the plans for and progress of this innovative new build, click over to the Envirohome site.  It is a great example of what you could aspire to for your own home.

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