Make Your House Number Visible

Are you sure your guests can find you?  It’s not something we think about often, but if your house number isn’t clearly visible, you could get yourself into some unnecessary trouble.  Not only will you frustrate your party guests, but in an emergency, police or rescue vehicles may not find you as quickly.

A little one-time attention is all it takes to make your house number more visible.  Here are some quick tips:

–  Opt for large numbers for your home and/or mailbox.

–  If you have a long driveway or an obscure or otherwise hard-to-find entrance, make sure your address is easily visible to those driving by.  And don’t forget the PM – make sure your address is well-lit.

–  In some communities, you can have your house number spray painted on the curb with reflective paint.  Check with your municipality to see if this service is available to you.

If you take the time to make your house number readily visible, you’re taking a simple step towards keeping your family safe and keeping your visitors happy, too. 

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