Magnetic Paint: Create a Message Center on Your Furniture

Getting organized can actually be fun!  Here’s an idea for a do-it-yourself project that’s quick and easy.

First, visit your local paint or hardware store and buy yourself some magnetic paint.  That’s right, magnetic paint.  Never heard of it?  It’s just like ordinary paint, except its dried surface is magnetic.  And while you’re painting, you need to mix it frequently to ensure even areas of magnetism. 

Paint the side of a free-standing bookcase, cabinet or dresser.  Once the base layer of magnetic paint is dry, you can add a color coat of regular paint to match your décor. 

Now, collect your favorite magnets and attach important notices, invitations, school assignments or even family photos.  Use it as a family message center.  Hang lists of chores or your own to-do lists.  You can even take a family vote to choose the paint color!

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