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I just reorganized my garage.  However by getting everything off the floor, I now noticed how grotesque my floor looks.  I filled in all the cracks, but the floor is not very easy on the eyes. Is there a low cost option to pretty it up (in a masculine sorta way)?  It’s a cement floor that seems to have been treated by the previous owner to help prevent staining.  Thanks for your help.

Organizing the garage can indeed be a messy and arduous task.  You have definitely got some choices for flooring in there.

Epoxy Coatings:  These are usually sold in kits.  They come with a variety of products and steps.  They are very easy to follow.  First step is usually a cleaner, then a primer, then the top coat mixed with epoxy which is going to dry to a very durable coating.  The color is imbedded in the coating so it will stay very well and some even come with sprinkle mixture you can add in which will give the floor a kind of speckled retro look.  Some manufacturers are Rustoleum, Quickcrete, and Behr.

Paint:  Concrete can be painted as well.  Be sure to thoroughly clean the floor and get rid of any stains.  TSP, tri-sodium phosphate, is an excellent cleanser and usually in the paint aisle of the super store.  Let it dry after cleaning and then prime with a concrete coating primer.  Finish with a paint made specifically for use on a concrete garage floor.  Most will contain epoxy ensuring good adhesion.

Floor Tiles:  There are many types of floor tiles that are specifically made for the garage floor.  Some are oversized rubber tiles shaped like puzzle pieces in a variety of colors, others are a rigid plastic that interlock and can look like anything from diamond plating to a smooth surface.  Worth checking out is to see the amount of garage flooring choices available today.

Once you get the new floor down, be sure to keep the space organized so that you don’t cover up your good work!

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  1. The epoxy floors definitely look best and clean up best, but I’ve used them a couple of times and it’s crucial that the floor have no cracks or the epoxy will soon begin to tear and peel around any cracks.

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