Locking Window Guards is a VERY Bad Idea

I have window gates (guards) and am putting up locks on them for the safety of my children.  Where do I put the keys? They’d need to be somewhere where the children can use them in case of fire, but I don’t want it them to be lost
susanc 2-20-07 3:08pm

Stop!  Think!  Locking window guards is a REALLY bad idea.  I’m not sure why you need guards but they are generally used for one of two purposes.  The first is to prevent break-ins and the second is to prevent young children from falling out a window.  In EITHER case, properly installed guards have a keyless, quick release mechanism that can be opened up from the inside of the windows so children could not possibly be trapped inside n the event of a devastating fire.

There is about ZERO chance that keys, even if kept near by, can be found and used in the panic and thick, dense smoke of a fire.  Never, ever, padlock these guards shut.  For examples of window guards with quick release features, click here.


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