Lighting up a Kitchen


We’re gearing up for a kitchen remodel, and feel pretty confident about every aspect except lighting. What should we be prepared to discuss with a kitchen lighting designer?
PaulZ 03-01-08 7:18 a.m.

Before you even get to the point of choosing fixture styles (and there are a lot of them), you and your lighting designer will be talking about the different lighting “zones” in your kitchen.

First, there’s task lighting, installed above the surfaces where you’re most likely to do food prep and cleanup. These fixtures can be wall-mounted, pendant or under-cabinet styles, as long as they’re shedding sharply focused light where you need it.

Next comes overall fill lighting, usually shed by track lighting mounted on the soffit in order to control shadows and create moods in your kitchen space. And finally, there’s overhead lighting in incandescent or fluorescent forms to lend light for utility purposes. Together, these components will form a lightscape that makes your kitchen an enjoyable place to cook and entertain.

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