Kitchen Storage Solutions


We live in a New York City condo with a kitchen the size of most suburbanites’ master bedroom closet.  We are constantly battling a shortage of space.  Can you suggest some ideas for freeing up some room in our overcrowded kitchen cabinets?
margerz 11-9-06 3:35pm

The way that cabinets are typically structured forces you to mix and match things of varying height and size which wastes lots of that space.  The best tip I can give you is this: look up!  Expanding upward allows you double your space by using it in areas where that empty space is available.  If you are creative, you don’t always need to go out and purchase things to make this happen.  For example, use a pedestal plate to store two “floors” of spices.  Use serving trays to do the same thing with your glasses.  Four tall glasses at the corners make it easy to store shorter cups or glasses between them.  Repurpose that metal or plastic file organizer stand and use it to sort all of your pans, it also keeps things a lot less noisy while searching for the one you want. 

There are also plenty of organizing solutions you can purchase that will help do the same thing.  Bed Bath and Beyond offers an outstanding one called the Copco Non Skid Turntables.  These are like multi-tiered “Lazy Susan’s” and available in one or two shelves, which allows you to build up and gives you full viewing of all of your items with just a spin. Another idea is to invest in a universal pan lid, like the one offered by Williams and Sonoma.  Not only does this save space, it also cuts down on your clean up time!

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