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My husband and I live in this old brick home that was built in 1950.  I love this old house but boy do we have a lot fixing up to do and very little cash.  In my kitchen I have pine cabinets which are fine but the counter top is not.  We can not afford a new one.  Do you have a trick for me that came give it a lift?
tuly2270  12:17am 11-4-06

There are lots of things you can do to update the look of a kitchen that won’t involve a lot of cost.  If your top is laminate, it can be relaminated with a new layer.  To do so, you’d first have to remove the top and probably disassembled the backsplash.  I did this some time ago to a kitchen in a condo we owned and it came out great.  You’d have to be a pretty handy person to do this on your own, but it is not terribly difficult.

Another possibility might be to tile over the old top.  Again, not difficult or costly with a little know how and the right tools. 

For a good overview of other ways to spruce up a kitchen without breaking the bank, read my column Cheap Tricks for Cool Kitchens.

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