Kitchen Renovation

It all started with “let’s change the cabinets”.  We are now looking for flooring, paint, appliances and new lighting fixtures.

Oh, the joys of renovating a kitchen. My mantra , “I can not live through another renovation” is falling on deaf ears. My husband is a serial renovator. Each winter he takes on a project, or should I say, WE take on a project. I know you girls that have husbands that do not want to do anything around the house are rolling your eyes right now, wishing he’d come to your house. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all his hard work and dedication to making our house more comfortable for us, however after 23 years of marriage and 8 houses, I just want a year off! After all, this is Oprah’s last season and I have a lot of programs to catch up with.

I never win this, will keep you posted on the renovation process.

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