Kill Germs in Your Washing Machine

Did you know that your washing machine might not be washing the germs out of your family’s clothes? 

Over time, washing machines can become contaminated with bacteria, potentially leaving millions of germs behind in your laundry.

To correct this problem, run the washer without clothes using just hot water and one-half gallon of bleach.  The bleach will sanitize the machine and all its plumbing components, killing any bacteria that have been left behind.

Remember, periodicially clean the very tools you use for cleaning — it’s worth your while!

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  1. I think this practice of cleaning a washer to remove bacteria is akin to going to a car wash on a rainy day. It will only stay clean until you pull out of the drive and back into the rain; hence the reason most car washes are closed on rainy days. The same thing happens in your washer; as soon as the next load of wash goes in, bacteria in the machine begin to multiply by the billions.

    For the most part, these germs are killed off
    In the dryer. For the ones that survive the dryer… when’s the last time you heard of someone getting sick from the laundry?

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