Keep Leftovers Fresh With These Fridge Maintenance Tips

Keep Leftovers Fresh With These Fridge Maintenance TipsIt’s summer, so everybody is cooking and grilling and eating outdoors. When I grill, I always want so many different choices and flavors that I end up with a ton of leftovers. If you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure your refrigerator is running correctly so that leftover burger or rib is good and not spoiled when you want to eat it two days later.

You might not even realize that there are coils on the backside of your refrigerator that actually have to be cleaned for it to run efficiently. So every six months or so, go ahead and pull your fridge away from the wall so you can vacuum all those coils out.

If you’ve got an older-style refrigerator that has a drain pan underneath, make sure you pull it out and clean it rather frequently to avoid mold growth. It can happen really fast, so make sure you clean it once a month. Put it on your calendar and do that chore.

If you have a water-and-ice dispenser on your fridge, that drain pan should also be cleaned and wiped out to avoid mold and mildew. A lot of fridges with an ice-and-water dispenser also have a filter. If it doesn’t have an indicator light saying, “Hey, change my filter,” make sure you get on some sort of regular schedule so that you remember to swap that filter out. These are all easy chores that will make your fridge run more efficiently and keep you nice and happy.

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