Innovative Bathroom Products Make Dirty Business Cleaner, Safer and More Comfortable

An affordable smart toilet, a self-closing lid and a lighting system that can feel, see and smell all have bathroom-upgrade potential.

Smart toilets, which seek to improve on the ordinary bathroom experience by flushing, washing, drying, heating — even playing music — have been common in Japan for some time and, in recent years, have begun to make inroads into the United States. And they’re not the only innovative bathroom products on the way.

Smart toilets are not the only innovative bathroom products on the way.

High-end smart-toilet options range from Kohler’s cubic Numi, $6,338.50, with ambient colored lighting, built-in Bluetooth speakers and a touchscreen remote (sold separately), to the New Waves Smart Toilet, which sells at Costco for $1,400 and still offers a heated seat, warm-water jets, air drying, automatic flushing and an LED nightlight.

But smart-toilet features are coming down in price. Delta’s FlushIQ system is available on toilets costing less than $450 at Home Depot. FlushIQ encompasses a touch-free flush as well as sensors that detect overflowing and leaking, to save homeowners from flooding disasters and costly water waste.

And for those who want one of the key smart benefits for a fraction of the cost, there’s always the Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat. Following each flush, seat and lid close automatically – eliminating marital arguments, child safety concerns and dog-drinking from the bowl. The system costs $50, is available in a round or elongated style and is easy to attach to any standard toilet.

Another product that may soon find itself in many bathrooms is Terralux’s new Ledsense cloud-based lighting system. Ledsense bulbs can “see,” “feel,” and “smell,” adjusting the temperature in the room; dimming or brightening, depending on where people are in the house; and even sensing chemical changes and odors in the air. The bulbs can activate fans if, for example, a burnt meal has produced a smoky smell in the kitchen. The technology’s applications in a bathroom setting are obvious.

Which of these innovative bathroom products do you think will appeal to homeowners most?

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