Hot Paint Patterns for 2016

Update your home with artistic paint patterns for walls, furniture and more.

If a fresh coat of paint can instantly update a room, imagine what a crafty pattern could do. Whether with a stencil or a creative tape arrangement, you can easily create an eye-catching design. Different colors or finishes can be used to create preppy stripes, whimsical polka dots, geometric chevrons and more.

Whether with a stencil or a creative tape arrangement, you can easily create an eye-catching design.

Tape manufacturer ScotchBlue partnered with Patternbank, a premier designer, to develop a 2016 Pattern Forecast for painting projects, along with tutorials for five recommended projects. Here are the patterns they expect to be popular in 2016:

  1. Striking Linework. Basic stripes get an update next year with varied widths and movement that give lines additional dimension. The duo’s recommended pattern looks more like a fragmented, futuristic backdrop than a nautical pinstripe or preppy plaid.
  2. Mod Optic. 3D cubes will come to life on myriad walls in the year ahead. These geometric designs can be as bold or as subtle as customers want, depending on the colors used. The pattern accommodates four hues to create the box-like appearance.
  3. Geo Elemental. Cultural influences aid the look of these precise, intriguing arrays of shapes. ScotchBlue and Patternbank recommend these designs particularly for focal points, such as along a staircase or below a chair rail.
  4. 70s Revival. Go mod easily with these retro designs. In addition to painter’s tape, the highlighted pattern also requires a geometric cutout to create squares with flair. Keep it classic with ’70s-style avocado, bubble gum pink and mauve hues.
  5. Found Fragments. For a truly artistic design, combine pattern on pattern for a mix of colors and styles. The recommended pattern juxtaposes modern and romantic sensibilities by combining a subtle floral with bright-red triangles.

Retailers can re-create these patterns to showcase the variety or create intriguing patterns of their own. Pair partially created demos with appropriate products — painter’s tape, tape measures, rollers, recommended paint swatches, etc. — to help customers get a better idea of what the project will entail.

For more creative pattern and color ideas to share with customers, check out our “Pretty in Paint” Pinterest board.

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