Homeowners Pick Brick to be Most Popular Exterior Siding

Brick SidingAccording to recent Harris Interactive online poll, 59 percent of all homeowners said they would choose brick siding for their homes. The study was commissioned by Boral Bricks, Inc. to determine current consumer preferences for siding. 

Conducted in October, the survey asked participants which type of siding they prefer on a home. Possible answers included brick, vinyl, stucco, fiber cement/composite and other; participants were allowed to choose more than one option. For the 1,144 homeowners with a siding preference, brick was the leading choice with nearly two of every three respondents selecting it. Vinyl came in second (37 percent), followed by stucco (19 percent), fiber cement/composite (14 percent), and other (11 percent).
While the research shows that brick is still the overwhelming choice for homeowners who have a say in their exterior, builders have lagged behind and opted for siding that was cheaper to install, but required far more maintenance.
According to U.S. Census data on siding for new homes, builders have increasingly opted for lap siding products over the last ten years. These products may provide more ease of installation; however, they don’t offer the consumer benefits homeowners appreciate with brick ­ including the fact that it is virtually maintenance free, extremely durable, locally sourced and sustainable.
With more and more Americans seeking green solutions that deliver long term value, brick siding is also an environmentally friendly choice that requires virtually no regular maintenance. “Coming out of the recession, homeowners will likely be in their homes longer than in recent years, and they should insist their builders use the most sustainable siding option to ensure it holds up to the elements,” said Bob Kepford, president, Boral Bricks, Inc.

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