Get Your Lawn in Shape for Spring

Get Your Lawn in Shape for SpringIf the weather cooperates, next weekend’s Easter egg hunt will mark a springtime return to the great outdoors and serve as a reminder that it’s time to get going on turf rehab. Your lawn may look a little patchy and yellowed now, but with some time, attention and the right products, you’ll enjoy a lush lawn and make your neighbors green with envy. Here are four benchmarks for your lawn rejuvenation efforts.

  1. Test the soil, and make amendments. Start with a soil test to find out what’s going on under the surface, and what’s needed for a lush lawn to grow. You can find do-it-yourself test kits at most home and garden centers, and state university extension services will perform testing on your mailed-in sample for a small fee. Once the results are in, amend soil with the nutrients recommended for healthy growth, and reseed where needed.  
  2. Fertilize with care. Use the right formula for your turf, and avoid the temptation to over-fertilize. Too much fertilizer can burn a lawn, so go for measured, consistent feeding over the course of the season. A slow-release fertilizer can help you manage the process for lush results.   
  3. Water strategically and sustainably. Now’s the time to test out your irrigation system and repair leaks, redirect misfiring sprinklers, and add or upgrade a programmable timer for more effective watering and less waste. Make sure your system also has a rain sensor that shuts off the watering program in the event of spring showers.
  4. Trim to perfection. Also resist the temptation to over-cut your lawn. Short grass may be appealing, but longer blades of grass shade roots, help hold moisture, and prevent weed growth. Raise the blade on your lawn mower, and you’ll end up saving on lawn-watering costs.

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