Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Five Things You Didn't Know You Could RecycleEven if you do a lot of recycling, five items could be missing from your routine. Look beyond the usual paper, plastic and metal and get greener with the following recyclables.

1. Compact fluorescent bulbs are better off recycled than trashed, as they release mercury and other harmful contents when broken. So deliver spent bulbs to a home improvement center rather than the wastebasket.  

2. Alkaline batteries also leak toxic chemicals when they’re dumped in landfills. Be kind to the environment by taking them to a designated collection center for safe disposal. Visit to find battery collection points in your neighborhood.

3. Printer ink cartridges should also be recycled. Turn them in at an office supply store, and you’ll earn credits for future purchases.  

4. Packing peanuts can be repurposed at most mailing service centers, so resist the temptation to dump them, and send them on a new shipping journey instead.

5. Eyeglasses can also be recycled for the greater good through vision care service programs. If you’ve started 2013 with stylish new specs, donate your old ones to a doctor or community group that will refurbish and repurpose eyewear to help those in need. 

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