Electric Water Heaters Available Tankless?


Are there any whole house on-demand electric water heaters capable of supplying sufficient hot water for a 3 bath house or is point of use or a combination of the two a better alternative?
trldunedin 2-18-06 6:03pm

Tankless water heaters powered by electric do exist but they are really inefficient and require exceptionally large circuits to operate.  Some pull as much as 150 amps, which is practically the total size of the average house electrical system.  If you have a choice, you are always better off going with a gas-fired tankless water heater.  If you do need to stick with an electric water heater, I suggest adding a 240 volt timer so that the water is heated only when needed, such as early in the morning or in the evening.  In the other times, the unit can be left off.  Installing more than one water heater (in effect “zoning” the domestic hot water supply) can also be cost effective as it shortens the distance the water needs to travel from the faucet to the tap, meaning you will be wasting far less water waiting for it to get warm.

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  1. Hmmm…. Microwave technology for water heating device. It sounds unfamiliar to me. Is it the new technology for tankless heaters? If the answer is yes, then I hope it will better than previous technology, particularly about the efficiency to cut the energy bill, so I can save more money every month Lol!

    Thank you for your article, it is helpful to me to know more about variety technology systems of tank-less water heaters.

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