Easy Way to Locate Drafts

Now’s a good time to take a prowl around your own home and be a draft detective.  If you can locate the sources of drafts in your home, you can take prompt action to seal them up and save money on your energy bills year-round.  Here’s a super-simple method for locating those pesky drafts:

The skin on the back of your hand is more temperature-sensitive than your palm, so it’s better at perceiving the movement of air.  Run the back of your hand along the top, bottom and sides of your windows and doors.  Also, check electrical outlets and light switches on exterior walls.  If there’s a draft, you’ll feel it.

If you do pick up a draft, don’t hesitate to grab your caulk gun or your favorite weather stripping and seal away.

With an investment of just a few minutes, you’ll know the sources of your drafts like the back of your hand – and be ready to wave them goodbye.

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