Drafty Window Solutions


I’m constantly feeling drafts around my windows.  The drafts are particularly bad when I sit in one chair that is near an east window.  I am not ready to go for new windows and am wondering what my alternatives might be.
Meredith 10-26-06  10:18pm

Drafty windows can be annoying but you don’t have to put up with them.  I can offer a few suggestions:

First, let’s cover the basics.  The windows should be caulked between the window and the siding on the outside, and between the trim and the window on the inside.  These are the most common areas that drafts slip through.  Also, check for loose or missing weatherstripping.

Next, if the drafts are coming in between the window sash and the frame, you might consider caulking the window shut – but with a special temporary caulk that is designed to be removed in the spring.  DAP makes a product called SEAL-N-PEEL that does just that.  It goes on like regular caulk but can easily be peeled off after it dries.  Just don’t use it on any window that you rely on as an emergency fire exit.

Finally, you can add a “cellular” shade.  Cellular shades have a honeycombed design that provide an added layer of insulation between you and the cold window.  Check out the new line of cellular shades from Levolor.  These offer light and privacy control, energy efficiency, safe and easy operation; and come in many fashionable designs.  Levolor will even send you free swatches so you can decide on colors from the actual product.

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