Declutter Before a Major Spring Cleaning

Declutter Before a Major Spring CleaningBefore you swing into spring cleaning, clear the way with strategic decluttering. Clearing away household clutter not only makes housekeeping easier, it also makes your home more safe and efficient. Plus, you’ll be able to make better use of storage zones and living areas, ultimately expanding your home’s square footage!

Here are top tips for strategic spring decluttering.   

Start small: Start by clearing out the closets in a single room. Then clear the room’s corners and open spaces, and put leftover items in newly spacious storage areas.

Clear clutter in the kitchen: Kitchen clutter is especially dangerous because it’s the most common place where fires start. Keep your kitchen safe by making sure paper, cloth and other flammable items are stowed far away from heat-generating appliances.   

Trash junk mail: Recycle junk mail taking up counter and table space, and get in the habit of tossing it as soon as it arrives. Shred anything that contains confidential information, and cut down on paper mail by paying bills and banking online.  

Revise your wardrobe: Make room for new additions to your spring wardrobe by assessing what’s already in your closet. If you haven’t worn an item for six months or more, it’s time to let it go. You can donate all lightly used items to a homeless shelter or charity thrift shop.

Share your library: If you tend to purchase many books, read them once and then let them collect dust, whittle down your library and donate books for others’ enjoyment. For future reads, consider borrowing books from friends or the local library.

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