Creating More Space in a Tiny Laundry Room


My tight-squeeze laundry area has turned into a disorganized mess I dread, and our family laundry volume shows no sign of letting up. Got any ideas on how I can create the extra space I need to get laundry day back under control?

A laundry room often seems like an afterthought in home design, leading to challenges when it’s actually time to use this limited but vital space. One way you can free up some of that valuable square footage is to literally go up: many manufacturers now provide stacking framework for their full-size machines, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of those stacked mini-systems without sacrificing the load capacity you and your family need.

Also look into cool, space-creating additions like laundry storage towers that fit neatly between your machines, and pedestals that build in drawered storage underneath washers and dryers. That zone between your upper cabinets and any work surface is another opportune storage spot: put it to work with a track-mounted bin system to hold supplies and small-volume sorting.

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