For Cool Comfort, Get Ceiling Fan Turning in the Right Direction

Summer Spin for Ceiling FanAs you turn toward a summer routine of cooler temperatures indoors, make sure your ceiling fan does the same. A ceiling fan can be a big help with indoor comfort, allowing you to spin down overall energy costs with just the flick of a switch.  

The ceiling fan’s secret to a cooler summer is its reversible motor. Just switch your ceiling fan to turn counter-clockwise for the months ahead, and you’ll feel a cooling breeze as the ceiling fan pulls colder air up. In the process, you’ll experience what’s known as evaporative cooling. Basically, the moving air causes moisture on your skin to evaporate, cooling you down in the process.

So, keep up the counter-clockwise spin of your ceiling fan over the summer. And when heating season returns, just switch to a clockwise setting to help spin out warmth for a cozy winter indoors.

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