Choosing Cabinets

I bought my house from a self proclaimed contractor.  There is not a straight wall or floor in this house. As we plan our new kitchen design, we expected many obstacles and unconventional previous renovations, we did not however expect to find dangerously under built and potential dangerous situations lurking within the walls. When we first moved into this house 10 years ago, Nick installed ceramic tile flooring.   At the time, he had to level the floor , in some areas over 2 inches.  Let’s just say that if you rolled a marble it may have reached the living room (which was also uneven). Now we need to replace the tile floor, we used inexpensive tile and there are many stress cracks. Rather than take this floor up, and deal with the mess and cost, we found a product that we can go right over the tile with. We will have to fill in all of the grout lines and we can then have them lay the new laminate flooring over thetile. We are choosing to have this done after the rest of the kitchen is in. At this point of the renovation,  we removed the track lighting and installed 14 high hats.  This made a big difference already. We have decided to go with a combination of pecan cabinets for the island and country white for the wall cabinets. This after much deliberation. We have also decided to go with flush cabinets using crown molding. I do like the look of staggered cabinetry, but the kitchen in only 12 4X4 and I think this application looks better in a larger kitchen. Cabinets should be in within the next 4 weeks. In the meanwhile we are choosing brushed aluminum appliances. Any recommendations are welcomed.

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