Beware! Chemical De-Icers are Hazardous to Pets

caution chemical de-icer can be hazardous to petsIf you have pets, harsh chemical de-icers can be hazardous.  Not only could their delicate paws get a chemical burn from a chemical de-icing product, but pets can even be poisoned if they lick de-icer from their paws.

You can protect your furry friends by choosing a pet-safe de-icing product sold at many of the large pet store chains.

Another option is to use sand or gravel for traction on ice, instead of de-icing.  But be sure to sweep up between storms, as both of these can get messy.

Chemical de-icers are also bad news for carpeting and wood floors when you track them indoors on your shoes. 

Choose a de-icing product carefully and you’ll keep your pets and your home in great shape all winter long.

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