For a Better Atmosphere Indoors, Manage Filter Maintenance

Better Indoor AirYour home’s systems are probably getting quite a workout right now, between heating, cooking and indoor entertaining. So keep everything running efficiently and indoor air clear with one simple winter chore: filter maintenance.

A monthly change of the furnace filter will help your heating system operate cleanly and efficiently. Buy the highest-quality filter you can find to remove allergens and dust particles from indoor air. Remember, with today’s well-sealed homes, indoor air quality depends on output of the HVAC system, so investing in the best filters helps ensure your family’s health and easy breathing.

Over in the kitchen, turn your attention to the vent hood. Grease and grime from everyday cooking can gunk up its filters, preventing proper ventilation and creating a potential fire hazard. Give filters a good soaking and scrubbing with dish detergent, or run them through the dishwasher. And if your fridge serves up filtered water, be sure to replace filter cartridges to reduce contaminants and keep delicious water on tap.

Filter maintenance is an easy task to add to a light winter chore list, and makes a difference in home comfort and efficiency. Get in the routine now, and your efforts will also make a positive impact in seasons to come!

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