Be Better Prepared for Snow

be better prepared for snowWinter storms are unpredictable and can whip up at any moment.  Snow can accumulate quickly and suddenly.  Many of you have already seen Mother Nature at work this year.  Multiple times.

Your best defense is preparation. Gather all of your snow removal supplies and check that they are in top operating shape. 

To make sure your snow shovel isn’t going to give you a back ache, consider a shovel with an angular handle help take the load off. 

Have your snow blower serviced and fill the tank with fresh gasoline.  Remember that gas is only meant to last 30 days unless you add fuel stabilizer to it.  

Stock up on supplies of calcium chloride for de-icing, mixed with some sand. This combo won’t hurt your concrete like sodium chloride. And, finally, keep a shovel and a supply of de-icer in your mud room or entrance just in case you wake up to a winter wonderland and can’t get to your garage. With a little careful planning, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the snow season brings.

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