Bathtub Caulk Tips

What is the best way to remove & replace the caulking around sliding shower doors, as well as a tub? Can you explain this step-by-step?
plobbezoo 11-17-07 9:28am

Caulking is an easy home improvement project that can deliver very attractive results.  But that is the easy part!  Removing the old caulk is not nearly as much fun – unless you are armed with a few tricks of the trade.

Step 1:  Use a “caulk softener.”  This nifty product helps soften and loosen the old caulk making it easy to remove.  It is sort of like a paint stripper but not nearly as caustic or difficult to use.

Step 2:  Wipe down the areas you have removed the old caulk from with a bleach and water solution to clean and kill any mold spores left behind.

Step 3:  Re-caulk!  Make life easy by cutting the end of the caulk tube on a slight angle (about 20 degrees).  If the caulking gets sloppy, remember that your finger is usually the best caulk trowel available.  If it really gets bad though, you can always remove the old caulk with a damp sponge and then start again.

Bonus Tip:  Here’s one more secret to successful bathtub caulking.  Fill the tub with water before caulking. Then, after the caulk dries, drain the tub. This compresses the caulk so it won’t fall out.

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