Bathroom Decor: Take Style Tips from High-end Hotels

Bathroom Décor: Take Style Tips from High-End HotelsYou can make a big style statement in the bathroom without a lot of time or cost. Repaint the walls and buy new linens, a shower curtain and rugs and you might not even recognize your old space! 

I like to recommend creating a calming retreat by appealing to all five senses in your design:

  • Sight: Clear away any clutter, which only serves to clog the mind and stress the spirit. Use baskets or other containers to keep essentials in place. Choose soothing, nature-inspired colors, especially watery hues like blues, greens and aquas. Add a dimmer switch to control lighting, and add candles to create a relaxing mood.
  • Taste: Accompany your relaxing bath with a steaming-hot cup of coffee or tea. You might even consider adding a single-serving coffee maker in your new space.
  • Touch: Accessorize with lush, luxurious bath linens, and create a welcoming display by placing rolled towels in a basket with a few special soaps. For more softness, add area rugs instead of bathmats.
  • Sound & Smell: Consider adding aromatherapy, scented candles or a sound machine to your retreat.

In recent years, bath décor has been taking cues from high-end hotels that go to great lengths to pamper and impress their guests. Elements like a curved shower rod, architecturally interesting towel bars or a tone-on-tone color scheme can add class and functionality to a small bathroom space

In larger spaces, go for the unexpected. Vintage accent pieces such as a slipper chair can be a lot of fun!

My story: A whole new look on a budget
For my own bathroom redo, I would have been happy to start completely from scratch, but I had to work around a few things. I started by changing out the damaged drywall for a moisture-resistant variety, and removed the hideously pink border tile. Then, with the aforementioned tone-on-tone hotel aesthetic in mind, I installed a more subtle border tile and changed the light fixtures, adding a third one between the two vanity mirrors. Next I changed out the faucets, installed matching-finish double towel bars, and added a critical and previously absent vent fan.

Working with a very limited amount of money, I was able to completely transform the bathroom without having to gut it. It looks completely different and functions more efficiently with lots of extra storage that I love.

So, when remodeling and decorating your own master bath, envision yourself as a guest at a spa or high-end hotel, and then create a space that will help you unwind at the end of a long day, or invigorate you at the start of a new one!

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