Avoid Accidental Poisoning at Home

Avoid Accidental Poisoning at HomeOne of the biggest threats to your family could be lurking under the sink, in the medicine cabinet, or out in the garage. Accidental poisoning is the second-leading cause of home injury deaths, and a top safety concern for most Americans. Yet fewer than 20 percent take proper precautions to prevent accidental poisonings.

During National Poison Prevention Week, March 17-23, make an effort to protect your loved ones with the following common-sense safeguards.      

  • Start with a walk-through of your home, noting where harmful products are stored. Poisons can be found in any room, but are most commonly located under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and in storage areas.   
  • Put child safety locks on cabinets where you store chemicals, cleaners, medicines, cosmetics or other toxic and caustic products.
  • Discard outdated prescriptions, and keep current ones locked out of the reach of curious teenagers and young adults.
  • Follow all safety labels when using harsh chemicals or cleaning products, and protect yourself by wearing safety gloves and masks while you work. And never mix products together, because their contents could react with dangerous results.
  • Post the Poison Control Help number (1-800-222-1212) near every household phone, and load it into your cell phone, too.  

For more information on how to prevent accidental poisoning at home, check out www.mysafehome.org.

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