Are Metal Roofs a Good Investment?


I have been reading that metal roofs are about the same price as a good asphalt shingle roof. The advantage to metal roofs is they reflect the sun better and thus are more effective in reducing heating and cooling costs?  Please give me some advice on this subject.
Lonnie 8-22-07 1:57pm

Metal roofs are an excellent choice but they are far more expensive than an asphalt roofs.  Metal roofs are often referred to as “investment grade roofing” in part because they do cost a lot more than asphalt.  However, metal roof also last much longer, sometimes over 100years!  Metal roofs are also beautiful and last their special coatings can reflect UV radiation which lowers cooling costs.  A metal roof also stands up to rain, snow, high winds, hail and wildfires.  See the Metal Roofing Alliance website for more info.

To be fair though, metal roofs can make a good economic investment – but only if you stay in the home for a long time.  If you move after just a few years, it is not likely that your home’s value will have gone up enough to cover the additional cost. 

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