Adding Radiant Heating to a Living Area


I’d really like to add radiant heating to the floors in my home. Is this possible with an existing structure, or is radiant heating technology only doable in a new build?
allen343 1-26-08 4:23pm

New builds are the best opportunity for installation of a super-customized, whole-house system, but you can definitely add radiant heating to an existing space with one of the many smart, affordable after-market products now available. Uponor’s Quik Trak hydronic system is one example, and employs special half-inch-high wood panels that are installed over concrete slab or a plywood subfloor, with grooves down the center of each panel which hold the strong, crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing that circulates heated water underneath the surface. Your favorite flooring is then installed over the Quik Trak panels, and the system is ready to warm the room efficiently and comfortably from the ground up.

I think you’ll be really happy with the results of the radiant heating installation you’re considering. There’s nothing better than stepping onto a warm floor on a cold morning or chilly night, and that extra layer of comfort can actually help to reduce or even eliminate the need to power up other heating sources in your home.

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