7 Bold Trends for Kitchen Backsplashes


From natural elements to throwback materials, adding surprising touches to kitchen walls can make a design splash.

Are you tired of looking at dated ceramic tile or, worse, a blank wall behind the kitchen counter? Homeowners looking to make a design statement in the kitchen can choose from any number of trendy and gorgeous materials to bring backsplashes from background to front-and-center. Here are seven trends if you’re craving a better backsplash.

Homeowners looking to make a design statement in the kitchen can choose from any number of trendy and gorgeous materials to bring backsplashes from background to front-and-center.


Given that it comes in umpteen colors, shapes and sizes, glass is both classic and trendy as a backsplash material. The reflective surface and sheer elegance make glass a smart choice for versatility, because it is customizable for a wide variety of personal style preferences. For a contemporary statement, consumers can opt for square tiles in an unexpected color, such as turquoise. Or they can go minimalist, with a full slab of glass that’s been painted white.


Yes, you read that right. That staple from Grandma’s parlor is back, and it looks better than ever. Wallpaper is making a comeback all around the home, but for kitchen use, customers should opt for vinyl. It is inexpensive, easy to clean and waterproof, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. What’s more, because wallpaper is relatively easy to install, it plays well with the DIY crowd.


The sleek industrial look is hot in kitchen decor, and a metal backsplash — such as stainless steel sheets or tiles — speaks perfectly to the trend. It’s also a solid choice for coordinating with stainless steel appliances. Other metallic favorites include copper, punched tin and bronze tiles, such as these backsplash variations from Decorative Ceiling Tiles.


Tumbled marble and travertine tiles have been used in backsplashes for ages. River rock or pebble tiles offer a fresh approach. Whether customers go monochromatic — using all white or all black river rock — or combine pebbles with other materials, such as wood or tile, this is one look that makes for a unique, natural statement.


Floors and cabinets have been hogging this natural material for years, but no more. Everything from upcycled pallets to indigenous woods is making an appearance in kitchen backsplashes. Customers with an eye for rustic design may prefer a natural wood-plank look. For a shabby chic look, try beadboard in white or a soft pastel.


Fun, funky and affordable, chalkboard backsplashes lend a homey and lived-in look to any kitchen space. Customers can do it themselves with an application of chalkboard paint, like this spray-on product from Krylon Products Group.

Reverse Grout

White-on-white subway tile has been hot for a couple of years, and it still makes for a popular and clean look. For a cheeky and interesting take on the traditional, try colored grout. Gray grout on white tile is a sleek choice, but for an even trendier look, fill the space between white tiles with a pop of color — anything from tangerine to electric blue.

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