2016 Color Trends Revealed

Dunn-Edwards Paints unveils five expressive palettes in its 2016 color report.

Homeowners will begin to show their darker side this year, according to the Home color and design report from Dunn-Edwards Paints. The company released five palettes reflecting expected 2016 color trends, which will draw from history, romance and global influences and build upon popular palettes from its 2015 A Journey of Discovery report to create a warm, homey environment.

2016 COLOR exudes confidence with strong, darker midtones mixed with milky pastels inspired by history and romance.

“2016 COLOR exudes confidence with strong, darker midtones mixed with milky pastels inspired by history and romance,” the report states. “Natural monochromatics pair with softened, reflective hues in retro influences, while farmstead-born, sundrenched and weathered coloring are reminders of the desert western landscape. And, globetrotting spicy colors interplay with neon brights in decadent atmospheres, while a wealth of blues provide a base for clean, spare design.”

See what 2016 has in store:


Photo courtesy of Dunn-Edwards Paints

To the Manor Born

This palette takes 2015’s Romance and Remembrance colors to macabre heights — a reflection of current and upcoming entertainment events focused on darker characters and story lines. The palette features soft, romantic purples and pinks alongside glistening silvers and deep clays for “a sense of grandeur with history and a touch of mystery.”

Back at the Ranch

Western colors reach a new frontier in “Back at the Ranch,” an homage to the exploratory, nomadic nature of America’s early pioneers. The palette captures strong earth tones alongside vibrant blues and oranges to mimic many of the building materials and fabrics, such as wood, leather, stone and glass, used in Western homes and fashions.

Midnight at Bar do Copa

The extravagance of the 1980s is married with the eye-popping colors of South American cultural and architecture in this vibrant, urban palette. As the report describes it: “The ’80s mash with ’20s with a revived stage presence.” Calling to mind images of travel and food, the palette contains doses of lemon, lime, mango and chili.

Summer Camp

Similar to the sun-drenched colors of the Back at the Ranch palette, Summer Camp features whitewashed pastels reflective of a sunny Southern California day. The palette also celebrates major historical milestones, such as the 60th anniversary of Disneyland and 100 years of surfing at Huntington Beach, Calif., with sandy browns, ocean blues and retro reds.

An Island to Myself

The Internet has created a world that is at once interconnected and isolating, as beautifully captured in this futuristic yet warm palette. Its colors draw on Asian and Nordic influences to create a serene, simple, transparent atmosphere for those seeking seclusion from the modern world for quiet meditation. Hues include “ocean blues and sea glass with a spot of earthy Moroccan red sandstone color for grounding.”

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