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Is Your Septic Tank Killing Your Grass?

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    LESLIE: Yeah. I mean some guys just give rings. (Tom chuckles) Houses are equally fantastic.

    Ike in Texas has a septic tank issue. What can we do for you today?
    IKE: On my septic tank, we have two real long, lateral lines and, for some reason, it looks like somebody walked over to it and poured gas on top of it and made two perfectly long, straight rows of dead grass.
    TOM: Ugh.
    IKE: And that’s the first time – we put that septic tank system in brand new about seven years ago and usually the grass is real thick and green and lush right there.
    TOM: Yeah. Yeah. Ike, you guys have had a pretty hot summer there in Texas there, haven’t you?
    IKE: Oh, yeah. It’s been – we’ve had days in the hundreds and high-90s here lately.
    TOM: You know, the problem with the grass over the septic lines is that the root structure cannot get as deep as it can …
    LESLIE: As it would love to be.
    TOM: As it can in other areas of the grass. And so, unless you keep it well-watered in those areas on really hot, dry days, it’s going to die out. And as the summer passes and it gets closer to cooler days, then it’s going to come back. That’s most likely what’s happening here because your system is so young. However, I will also tell you or warn you that dead grass can also be a sign of hydraulic failure in the system itself; which basically means that the septic system is no longer purifying the waste water. Do you have any kind of odors or any of that sort of thing coming out of this?
    IKE: None whatsoever.
    TOM: Alright. Well, I think it’s probably just the fact that you’ve had such a hot summer and you have a very shallow root structure over these lines that’s causing this. If you get any indications of odor that might indicate a bigger problem with that, I would get a septic contractor out there to take a look and just make sure everything is OK.
    IKE: OK. That makes a lot of sense. Well, I sure love you guys’ show. You have a lot of useful information on it.
    TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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