What's the Best Product for Cleaning Smoke Damage From Walls?
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What’s the Best Product for Cleaning Smoke Damage From Walls?

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    LESLIE: Eric in Arkansas is on the line and has a problem with smoke damage at his money pit. Tell us what’s going on.

    ERIC: Yes, I recently bought a foreclosure that’s got some smoke and fire damage. And I was curious. Is there a product or a special way that the walls need to be treated? Some kind of special primer to cover up the smoke damage to get rid of the smell? Or do I have to gut the whole thing?

    TOM: You know, one of the best primers for this particular purpose is made by Zinsser and it’s called Bin – B-I-N. And essentially, it’s a synthetic shellac. And what it does is completely seals in the odor that’s kind of soaked into that wall. So if you do a really good job applying this type of a primer, I think that the odor will go away and you’ll have a terrific base upon which to apply your sort of topcoat of color.

    ERIC: OK. Now, Zinsser? Is that what it was called?

    TOM: Zinsser is the manufacturer. Their product is called B-I-N – B-I-N.

    ERIC: OK. Well, thank you very much.

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