Best Paint for Exterior Trim?
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Best Paint for Exterior Trim?

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    LESLIE: Dot in Wisconsin, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    DOT: I was wondering which would be the best paint to paint on the outside of the house, on the windows and the door trim, that would last a long time and it would weather properly.

    TOM: Dot, what is the condition of the trim right now on the doors and windows? Is it flaky?

    DOT: Not very good.

    TOM: OK. So, what you have to do first, Dot, is get rid of the old paint. You’ve got to sand that or wire-brush that, because you cannot put good paint over bad paint, if that makes sense. And once you’ve got that sanded and the loose paint is removed, the next thing to do – the best thing to do would be to apply a primer, which is a type of paint that sort of provides the adhesion and the coverage. So you put the primer coat on first, then you put the exterior paint over that.

    And it doesn’t really matter so much to me what type of exterior paint you choose, as long as it’s a name manufacturer. But I do want to see you remove the loose paint, put the primer on next and then put the topcoat over that. And that will give you the best setup for a long-lasting paint job. Done well, your paint project should last you, easily, five to eight years.

    Dot, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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