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    LESLIE: Debbie in Michigan is on the line with a question about algae. It seems to be growing on a garage and keeps coming back.

    Tell us about it, Deb.

    DEBBIE: Well, we were clearing out some brush and we noticed that on the garage finish (ph), I saw that it went to – it’s on the house. And my question is: before I buy a power washer, will a power washer remove the algae and will the algae come back?

    TOM: Yes and yes.

    LESLIE: Yes and yes, exactly.

    TOM: The pressure washer will remove the algae and it will come back again and again and again.


    TOM: What you want to do is not pressure-wash it. You want to use a product called Spray & Forget, which is essentially an algaecide. And once you spray it on this algae, it will basically kill the algae, stop it from coming back. And because it has sort of a residual effect – just keep in mind that it doesn’t happen instantly. It basically goes on there and kills the algae. And then over the next week to couple of weeks, you’ll see it start to fall off and wash off the house, naturally, by itself. And the best part is that it’s not going to harm your plants.

    DEBBIE: Yeah. My husband thought of using bleach and I wasn’t for that at all, you know.

    LESLIE: Well, the bleach will work and it will kill it. It still will come back but it will also kill all of the plants and everything else around.

    DEBBIE: Exactly. Exactly what I thought, too.

    TOM: Exactly.

    DEBBIE: Right. How do you apply this Spray & Forget? Is it in a bottle or something with a trigger?

    TOM: Yep. They have a bottle. In fact, they have a bottle that has a built-in sort of nozzle where you just hook up the hose and turn the valve on and away you go.

    DEBBIE: OK. Awesome. Alright (inaudible at 0:03:56).

    TOM: Alright. Well, good luck. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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