Leaky Ceiling May Require Roof Pro
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Leaky Ceiling? How to Know if Roof Can Be Repaired or Replaced

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    LESLIE: Heading up north to Ontario where we’ve got Roxanne on the line with a leaky ceiling. What’s going on at your money pit?

    ROXANNE: Well, I’m up in an upper duplex and my ceilings are leaking. And I’m just wondering if he has to replace the roof.

    TOM: You say you have a leaky ceiling. How many places are you seeing these leaks?

    ROXANNE: About three places.

    TOM: Three places? Wow. Man, well, obviously something’s going on here. Is one of these over the bathroom, by any chance?

    ROXANNE: One’s in the bathroom, one’s in the hallway and one, I think, was in the living room.

    TOM: You’re going to have to have a professional take a look at this roof and figure out where it’s leaking. I asked you about the bathroom because, typically, there’s vent pipes that go through the roof there that often get gaps around them as they get exposed to the sun. And that can very frequently cause water to run down that vent pipe and cause a leaky ceiling in your bathroom. But your problem is worse than this so – does it mean that you have to necessarily replace the roof? Not necessarily, no. It depends on how bad the roofing condition is and why it’s leaking.

    Most of the time, leaks occur because of flashing. In other words, the intersection between the shingles themselves or the shingles go around chimneys or where they go in between the roof and different parts of the upper building, like a second story that’s on top of a one-story, like that kind of thing. That’s generally where the leaks form. You’re just going to have somebody get up there and take a look at it, try to figure out what’s causing it and then get the leak fixed from there. OK?

    ROXANNE: OK. Why, thank you. Good show.

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