Landscaping Over Septic Fields
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Landscaping Over Septic Fields

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    LESLIE: Alright. Now we’ve got Chris from Tennessee on the line who just put in a new septic tank and needs some help with the yard work. What can we do for you?

    CHRIS: Yes. We had some people that came and put our septic tank in about five years ago. And the yard looked great when they got done with it. Now, we’ve got a bunch of sinkholes and a bunch of hills in the backyard and I just want to know the best way to fix that without messing up the septic tank and messing up the water lines and stuff.

    TOM: So, is the distribution field in the area where all these sinkholes are and this depression?

    CHRIS: Yes, sir.

    TOM: So you’ve got to be really careful because you don’t want to put any heavy equipment over that, because you can crush those pipes. So you can add topsoil on top of that but I wouldn’t go over it with anything heavier than a wheelbarrow full of dirt.

    CHRIS: OK.

    TOM: And so I would fill them in by hand, I would rake that out and I would reseed it. The good news is that it will probably grow quite nicely being over the septic field. But I would be careful not to put anything heavy, equipment-wise, into that area, because you can crush the pipes and then you’re going to have a bigger problem.

    CHRIS: Alright. Well, thank you all for your question. And I listen to you all every day and you all are great.

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