Keep Area Under Decks Dry with Deck Drainage Systems
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Keep Area Under Decks Dry with Deck Drainage Systems

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    LESLIE: Doug in Illinois is dealing with some water under a deck. Tell us what you’re working on.

    DOUG: Well, I’m interested in a roof or a water drainage system up underneath my deck. I have a 16×40 deck and I saw somewhere on TV that they have some sort of a system that goes up in between the joists. I was wondering if you knew anything about that.

    TOM: Yeah. Is this like a second-floor deck and you guys sit under it or something?

    DOUG: Yeah. There’s this – there’s a full lower level under the deck, yes.

    TOM: Well, those are called “deck drainage systems” and there’s lots and lots and lots of different manufacturers of it. There’s DEK Drain, there’s DrySnap.

    LESLIE: Yeah, there’s something called UnderDeck that seems to be a Depot product.

    TOM: Trex has one that’s called RainEscape.

    So, these are all deck drainage systems. I don’t know enough about them to give you a recommendation of one over the other but that’s what you want is a deck drainage system. They basically – as you say, they fit in between the joists, so they fit under the deck. They’re designed to collect the water and then run it to some sort of traditional gutter and get it away from the house, so that you could have some living space underneath that deck and not have the rain falling on your head.

    DOUG: Absolutely. That’s what I’m looking for. Did you say something about Home Depot?

    LESLIE: Yeah, Depot has a product called UnderDeck, which is basically like – I guess you could call it an “under-joist gutter system.” And it sort of pieces together; it’s modular.

    DOUG: Oh, OK. Wonderful. Well, I sure will check there.

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